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Eczema is a common skin problem and is formally known as dermatitis. There are actually different types of eczema and all of them have different types of symptoms. They affect people of all ages and even children below 3 years also gets affected by this skin problem. Study says that these types of skin diseases are genetic and mostly come along with the allergic conditions such as asthma or hay fever. It is predicted that 30%infants and 20% of adults have this disease.

This blog will let you know of the common eczema symptoms and also how to get rid of these symptoms. The symptoms differ from individual to individuals. The first and foremost symptom is dryness and reddening of skins. The reddened skin also starts itching a lot and some patients are affected by spotted with blood blister and emission scratches. These symptoms are basically seen on the patient's face, neck and also on the neck and ankles. Those being affected by contact eczema should consult dermatologist as soon as possible so that he/she can get rid of the problem. Toddlers are mostly seen affected by Atopic eczema and the reason behind it is the malfunctioning of their immune systems.

The best possible ways to get rid of eczema is to stay as much as neat and clean as possible. Apart from that you should also keep your house and especially your bedroom away from dust particles. Regulate the temperature properly because temperature plays a huge part in reducing the symptoms.  Wear gloves while washing utensils if possible and don't make use of chemicals while washing utensils. Lemon is a citrus fruit and also it has antibacterial qualities. You can make use of lemon while washing utensils. White vinegar is also good and is used for household purpose. Add little vinegar to water and clean the tiles of your house. Also know about what causes eczema by visiting the site eczema symptoms.